Is There an ADHD Cure?

The bad news is that there is no ADHD cure as such and certainly the psychostimulant drugs itself are only one part of possible treatment. In addition, the same drugs have caused so much controversy that many parents steer clear of them altogether.

The researchers interviewed about 1,000 parents of ADHD child who were receiving treatment by medication. There were different views on how effective the medication was in reducing symptoms of hyperactivity and impulsivity. About 40% said they really hoped there was an alternative to medication and they were still looking for an ADHD effective cure.

Only 50% of the parents said that if they had to choose again, they would definitely choose medication with psychostimulants. More than three quarters of all the parents interviewed mentioned the side effects of these drugs, which they were obviously unhappy about it.

The Effective Cure for ADHD

Changes in diet and increased the intake of Omega 3 fish oils supplements was found to be very helpful. Some parents ban junk food altogether. There are very sound scientific and nutritional reasons for doing this. We know that this type of food is full of salt, sugar and fat which deplete the body’s supply of essential nutrients.

Numerous studies show that when school meals were changed in both USA and the UK, the results were more than noticeable. After had a healthy lunch a child are able to concentrate better, had greater attention spans and were altogether less fidgety and hyperactive.

As we can see lifestyle changes like the ones mentioned above can really impact on a child’s behavior and well being. But many parents interviewed had no idea at all about homeopathic remedies and were very badly informed.

They did not know that there are no side effects at all and they were very sceptical about whether that type of medication was the answer.

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